Lainio Salmon


When choosing your equipment for salmonfishing in the river Lainio you should have in mind that it is a quite big river with lots of strong and wild rapids. Because of this a two-handed flyrod in the range from 14-17' with lines from 9-12 it the most suitable choice.

During the summer when the waterlevels can be quite low it's possible to change to slighter lighter equipment if wanted. In the opening of the season a sinking or intermediate line is often used, the further the season proceeds and water stabilises at a normal level a floating line is often to prefer.

Since water conditions and the weather can change fast when visiting Lainio you should be prepared for this and bring equipment suitable for any condition and it might be worth a try "experimenting" fishing at different depths. The feel should at least hold 200yards of backing when the salmon especially when it uses one of Lainio's long rapids.

The flies mostly used in Lainio are in sizes 1-6, but during periods with less water in the river a size 10 might be good choice.

The patterns you should bring is hair variants of classics like Jock Scott, Thunder 'n Lightning, Black Doctor, Silver Doctor and Green Highlander. These are tied mainly with fox hair or likewise in bigger sizes and squirrel in the smaller ones. Add to this a Ally's shrimp, the Heggeli, the Lainio Fly, Blue Charm and Sunrise Shadow and a few Irish shrimp patterns and you have a very good selection of flies for the salmon of river Lainio.

If you miss some flies that you desire there is a possibility of tying your on with our instructors in Marttigården.

The rivers rapids and currents can be big and very strong on some spots which can make wading an effort.
Wading is seldom especially deep and with a guide to advise you on how to approach the river and a good wadingstaff you find it often fairly easy to get in a good fishingposition. Although your fishing in the north of Lapland and a good distance north of the arctic circle it can get warm in the summer, waders that are breathable Gore-Tex or likewise is definitely to prefer.





River salmon fishing

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