Fishing tips


Examples of flies with good results in the river are:

  • Europa 12
  • Royal Coachman
  • Black Gnat
  • Hares Ear can imitate imitate nymphs from large dragonflies to tiny mayflies and is often the choice when nothing else works
  • Nymphs, not too big and preferably with darker colours.

Miinimum measurements

  • Salmon 50 cm.
  • Trout 35 cm
  • Greyling 30 cm
  • White fish 30 cm
Salmon fishing

The Lainio river is a big river even by Scandinavian standards. The current and the rapids are very strong, and we advise you to use only the strongest tackle.

Concentrate your fishing to the deep necks and current edges. After such a long voyage - more than 200 km - the salmon search for the most convenient places to rest.

Most of the fishing is done with traditional double-handed rods in 15-17&acute ; length. The lines should be floating or intermediate types in weight 10-12.

Suitable flies are tiny dressed ones, black is as good a colour as any. Keep a supply in sizes from 1-6, though don't hesitate to try a very big one - 12 cm - a longwinged tube during the late hours or in dull weather might do the trick.

The reel must be large enough to carry a DT 11 with at least 120-150 meter of Dacron backing.


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