There are five great free-flowing rivers within 50 km of Lainio: Kalix river, Torne river, Tärendö river, Muonio-Könkämä river and, of course, the Lainio river. Nowhere else in Europe can you find such a "smörgåsbord" of fishing opportunities.

The rivers abounding in fish, the brooks and the numerous lakes are part of the reason why many fishermen return to us
year after year. Why?

It is not just the fishing. It is also the possibility to be on your own – in peace, minding your own business. But help and guides are within reach when needed.

You will find trout, greyling, salmon, char, white fish, pike and perch in our waters.

If you want to experience a real adventure, far away from civilisation, you can order a package that includes canoeing or drifting on your own. We supply the arrangement and the nature – the rest is up to you.



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