Fishes in Lainio


In recent years there has been a good supply of wild salmon, and Lainio River continues to produce an increasing number of salmon, the all time favourite among sport anglers.
The season opens June 19 and closes August 31. The limit is one salmon per rod and 24 hours, only hand equipment allowed. Fly-fishers are advised to use a two handed rod or a sturdy single hand rod. Salmon are also caught on heavy spoons or wobblers. Make sure your gear is in order, a salmon of 6 to 8 kilos is a vigorous fighter, and lunkers of around 20 kilos are not uncommon in the Lainio.

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Lainio River trout are known to be exceptionally strong. Without getting even a glimpse of the fish many a disillusioned fisherman has waded ashore with a broken leader and no backing left on the reel. One of the most intense trout fishing periods starts right after midsummer. Cold water is still at a slightly high level and trout move to spots where small fry congregate. Trout weighing anywhere from half a kilo to 3-4 kilos gorge themselves on small grayling and whitefish. They also feed on a variety of insects, among them the stone fly nymph, a trout favourite particularly active during this period.

Trout are caught mainly on streamers, but a heavy bottom-bounced nymph or a skidded caddis imitation on the surface will usually find a taker. Later in the season most trout are caught when resting in deep pockets in the stream. A nymph or a streamer will usually bring results. In late summer and fall trout become more active near the surface and are willing to take a caddis- or crane fly imitation.

Trout are near at hand – not more than 50 meters from our cabins!

Grayling are plentiful through the Lainio River system, where fish reach weights of up around 3 kilos. The sensible fly fisherman will try assorted caddis- and pupa -imitations, although grayling will readily hit a spinner or a small spoon. It's common knowledge that fish feed more under the surface than on top, making nymph fishing a sure success.
Nymph fishing is often effective where there is a swift current. Caddis pupa and small nymphs with gold heads are popular patterns. The crane fly is another insect that appears in great numbers especially in late summer and fall. Fish are rarely very selective. Average weight is somewhere between 500 - 700 grams and grayling of around 2 kilos or 60 centimeters are taken every year.

Grayling may be caught right in the center of Lainio village!


A pronounced cold-water fish, char is beautiful but hard to catch. It usually appears in schools and is found in the upper parts of the Lainio River as well as in several lakes around Lainio village. Char have a preference for small flies and nymphs and is also a jig fisher's favourite.

Char fishing in one of the lakes in Lainio.

Fly-fishing for whitefish is becoming more and more common. You need to know where in the stream the fish is lying and be prepared to use small size hooks. You should count on losing some of your catch, since whitefish are finicky feeders and have a soft mouth, but it is well worth the effort – fresh whitefish has a really delicious taste!

For those interested in pike fishing there are possibilities you wouldn't dream of around Lainio. Whether you are a fly fisherman or prefer spinning you have a chance to match your strength with some real monster pike. There is an incredibly generous stock of pike in Temmingijärvi and nearby lakes.

Pike weighing 18,2 kilos caught in Lainio summer 2002.

A pike is easily tempted by a fisherman's lures. Large and shallow lakes provide the ideal environment for fish of all kinds. Voracious pike stuff themselves with small fry, such as roach, whitefish and perch. In July especially there is a good opportunity for the bank fisherman to catch trophy pike of 10 kilos or more on the fly. Large streamers of the Christmas Tree- or Marabou -type is usually your best bet at this time of the year. Other baits, such as wobblers and large spinners or spoons are quite effective.

Perch is very common and is best caught on light equipment using spinners or jigs. The prime perch fishing season runs from midsummer to early September. The real fun begins as soon as the ice is thick enough. Jig- fishing for perch usually give good returns.

  Perch, approx 1 kilo, caught in Lainio summer 2004.

Roach may not be uppermost in your mind when Lainio is mentioned. But since roach is one of our most common fresh water fish it is not so strange after all. It is rather the great number of large size roach that is special to this area, so put your aim higher than you would in other places in this country. On a good day you are apt to catch fish well over a kilo, and surpassing the magic 700 grams will seem like child's play. Who knows, perhaps a future Swedish record roach is waiting to be caught in one of the numerous lakes around Lainio? Lake Temminkijärvi offers fantastic fishing for large roach and you are likely to encounter fish well over a kilo. Season reaches from ice-out until way into the fall.

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