Fly fishing, spey casting and salmon fishing

High up in Swedish Lapland lies one of the last wild and untouched salmon waters in the world. Winding through the wilderness, approx. 186 miles (300 km) north of the Arctic Circle, where silence and beauty abounds you will find it -- The wild salmon's Eldorado!

The beautiful Lainio River is widely known and described by many as a river of great diversity – with a large variety of both natural environments and fish species. Many fly-fishermen from throughout the world have come to the Lainio River to capture the elusive wild salmon - such as Mr. Peter Anderson, world champion in fly-casting with a two-hand rod.

The midnight sun and light evenings give you a magical feeling when casting for salmon. You may even be observed by Sweden's elusive brown bear, lynx (lokatt) or wolverine (järv). During your Spey casting training, you will have plenty of opportunities to discuss your newly learned skills and reflections. If the salmon are not biting, there is still a good chance for you to catch grayling (harr) and trout (öring).

This course offers you the unique opportunity to learn something that many sport-fishermen dream of -- to tie the elegant salmon fly – and break the code for catching wild salmon in the Lainio River. Learning the steps for this artistic casting technique where rhythm, harmony, balance, calm and quickness are vital ingredients (a little like Zen Buddhism) – can never be wrong!

Spey-Casting is a casting technique, which was developed on the Spey River in Scotland. The banks of the Spey River are covered with bushes and it is extremely difficult to reach the water. Here, it is nearly impossible to fly-fish in the traditional sense, casting the line in circles overhead.

The Spey-casting technique that you will learn will not only offer you a good method for fishing in places that are hard to reach but also teach you the art of relaxation and rhythm.





      Mostly for beginners.

      Fishing also with two-hand rods..

      Speycasting for salmon

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