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In the summer of 2009 Jens and Holger Knoth made a trip to Swedish Lapland and the Lainio river.

Canoeing on the Lanio river 2009
Text by Holger Knoth (in German).

Photos by Holger Knoth


Read what Sally Ramsden has written about Lanio.

Susanne Bleisch visited Lainio in the summer of 2002 and describes her experiences on an attractive website..
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Lapland Adventure
Michael Moran - June 2005

Have you visited Lainio village or travelled on the Lainio river? Maybe you would like to share your experiences? We would like to have your material here on the Lainio web.

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Below are links to sites in Swedish:

A final surprise!
With only 2 days left...

"A Summer Adventure"
Photos from a trip by rubber boat on the
Lainio river.

The Lainio Expedition
Per Ytterberg's interesting diary from a canoe expedition
on the Lainio river in the summer of 1998.

The Lainio river – a hidden paradise for fishermens
Mikael Lahti from Övertorneå describes his fishing experiences on the Lainio river.


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